Men’s Soccer Still Staying Active

The Commonwealth Coast Conference (CCC) may have cancelled their season of fall sports, but the Endicott College men’s soccer team is still finding ways to stay active.

Despite no competitive gameplay on the schedule, the roster was split last week to partake in a scrimmage at Hempstead Stadium.

Coach Joe Calabrese said the teams were picked by the coaching staff, and the sides were “competitively balanced.”

The White team defeated the Green team by a score of 3-2 in overtime.

The score aside, Calabrese said it was a great release for everyone in the lineup-- and that most of the players haven’t been able to compete for seven or eight months.

“It’s an unbelievable opportunity to get on the field with your friends and compete,” Calabrese said. “You get to see them and let out some of that energy.

On top of playing under the lights and in front of a scoreboard, the scrimmage was broadcasted on ECTV and was called by the college’s commentators.

Calabrese said that he, along with the players, appreciate the hard work put in by Endicott’s media team-- and that it never goes unnoticed.

“You realize how much you miss it,” Calabrese said.

Along with the competition, the coaching staff feels it’s important to let their players have fun as well. Moving forward, Calabrese hinted that a future scrimmage may be conducted ‘fantasy draft’ style, with seniors drafting the two sides.

The club has also been practicing three or four times per week with lots of drills and highly-intense scrimmages.

“The scrimmages in the training sessions have been so competitive,” Calabrese said. “As a coaching staff, we don’t have to pay attention to load management. We’re playing a lot more goal-to-goal games.”

Calabrese said the team has been able to participate in campus events due to the job Endicott College has done in maintaining the spread of the coronavirus.

Masks, social distancing, hand sanitizer, and other precautions are constantly being taken to slow the spread of the virus.

“The Endicott COVID teams have made the campus really safe,” Calabrese said. “We have to appreciate what we have every day. The boys are very blessed to be back on campus in a safe community.”